Sophia Poppy Ericksen

Artist Statement

I’ve been chasing my feelings with my art for most of my life. Often what I make is a visual diary entry that interprets my experience through the lens of my world view, and is expressed with a style that can best be described as liminal and hauntological. I examine the in between spaces, the area between one thing and the next, the transition between one thing and another. Man-made structures and fragments of the whole show up often in my work, pieces of a story no longer known but existing in the present as part of a new narrative. Hauntology explores the concepts of presence and absence, such as grief being the presence of an absence, or time being only the exact moment occurring now, with the past and future being ideas or memories. This drives my art and how I see the world.

I explore themes of gender identity and transitioning, intimacy, childhood trauma, and war and violence. My work is photography and assemblages of original paintings with personal and found objects and ephemera. My process is one of picking things apart – fragmenting them – and then assembling them in a layered structure that portrays the depth of the ideas being expressed, and allows the viewer to glimpse various views and angles that create layers of complex meaning.

Sophia Ericksen

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