Sophia Poppy Ericksen

Sophia Poppy Ericksen 

Sophia Poppy Ericksen (She/Her) was born in Estes Park, Colorado, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, and is currently based in Denver. Her work has been shown in Denver, Seattle, and at RULE Gallery in Marfa, TX. 

Ericksen’s work serves as diaristic expression, reckoning with her past, present, and future selves. She explores themes of identity, queerness, transition, memory, and grief, and the idea that nostalgia is a longing for an idealized past or future. In her work, she is often processing a fragment of memory, integrating emotions, and exorcising personal ghosts in the constant process of developing identity.

Sophia’s collages are constructed through a meticulous process of cut-out ink paintings, drawings, photography, and found ephemera, reflecting hours of intimate, up-close work, emphasizing the importance of presence and the act of creation as a means of preserving memory. Ericksen uses experimental film photography, alternative darkroom processes, and digital manipulation of videos and scans to explore the blurred lines between memory, actuality and ghosts of the self.

Sophia Ericksen

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